New feature spotted in Nat&Lo’s YouTube Video

While I was going through my subscriptions this morning I noticed that there was a new video from Nat&Lo and proceeded to watch it like any other video on YouTube.

For those who don’t know Nat&Lo are Google employees who run their own YouTube channel as a 20% project at Google where they can spend 20% of their time doing something that interests them.

Everything about the video was pretty standard and normal… until I got to the end of the video.

The end of their video features three hovering info boxes, similar to YouTube annotations, but they weren’t annotations, they are interactive boxes and if you hover over them the video in the background goes darker.

We can identify two different types of annotation / card hybrids here, a video type that displays a video thumbnail along with the video title and duration, and an expandable profile type that displays your profile image and provides a channel card onces you hover over it.

Are these what annotations will look like soon? I can certainly say from experience that annotations are really annoying to create and if this is a feature that YouTube is planning to implement then I can say I am definitely in support of this.

See the new YouTube annotations for yourself below.


Video recorded by Nat and Lo embedded under YouTube’s Terms of Service Section 6C