How to insert a SIM card in an Android device: Installing or replacing the SIM card in your device

When you get a brand new phone, or even if you are just changing carriers, it’s good to know how to install a SIM Card in your phone. Thankfully this process is very simple but it can vary by phone manufacturer and where they have decided to place the SIM Card in the phone.

There are a range of different sized SIM cards that are available, the size that is used depends on the size that the phone accepts. Usually when you get a new SIM card there are multiple sizes available and you just need to pop out the size that you need, most modern phones have moved to using a Nano SIM which is the smallest SIM Card size, to learn more refer to your phones documentation.

Instructions to install a SIM Card

  1. First ensure your phone is powered off and remove your phone from a case if you have one.
  2. Locate the SIM Card slot in your phone, you can usually spot it by finding a small hole in the side of your devices with a faint outline resembling a cut out as pictured below. If you have trouble finding the location of the SIM Card on your device refer to your phones documentation.
  3. Once you’ve located the SIM tray’s location you’ll need a SIM Ejection tool, this will usually come included with your phone or SIM, you can also use anything that will fit like a paperclip for example. Insert your SIM ejection tool and push until the SIM Tray pops out.
  4. Once your SIM tray has popped out, remove the SIM ejection tool and pull the tray out of the slot.
  5. Now you are ready to replace the SIM in your phone. If there is an existing SIM Card remove the SIM and insert your new SIM into the tray.
  6. To put the SIM Tray back in your phone simply push it back into the slot in your phone, you don’t need any tools to put the tray back in.

If you aren’t comfortable with this process you can try visiting your phone service provider and ask them to install the SIM Card for you.


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