He started out passionate about IT, determined to succeed and become employed in a school in a tech support position. He studied for two years and gained his Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology, he was set to conquer the world!

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What he wasn’t expecting was statewide unemployment rates soaring as big businesses were cutting costs and shutting their doors. He began volunteering at his local library as a computer tutor to try to gain some experience and give back to his community.


He gained some inspiration from his time as a computer tutor aswell as a couple videos he found from the popular Australian YouTuber Community Channel, who partnered with Samsung for a six episode series. These videos helped shape the future of LukeTeachesTech’s video style.

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YouTube Channel

He started small and launched his YouTube channel with six videos about how to do various tasks in the Android operating system. For a small channel that wasn’t updated regularly it was a great success.

Website Launch

Finally he was at a point where he was ready to launch his own website for LukeTeachesTech, he had great plans for the website with many courses planned for release, he was set for great success.

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His name is Luke

Founder of LukeTeachesTech

Luke created the website LukeTeachesTech to create a free high quality resource for all to access. With the emergence of technology many people are left behind without the skills they need to succeed.

LukeTeachesTech gives them the resources to gain those skills and reach their potential with ease.


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